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Promoting the Public Image of Rotary


People of Action, our new public image campaign, is the next step in our global brand strengthening

initiative. The multi-year campaign brings the Rotary story to life in a way that narrows the gap between

public awareness of Rotary and understanding what Rotary does.


Although three quarters of the general public know our name, our most recent research tells us that the

public still doesn’t really understand Rotary. They don’t know what we stand for and aren’t familiar with

any Rotary programs. They don’t know what we do in local communities and are not even aware of the

role we have played in the effort to end polio. In fact, nearly 60 percent of those surveyed said they were

unaware that a Rotary club exists in their own community.


The People of Action campaign aims to bring the Rotary story to life for those who don’t know us, by

showing Rotarians as the people of action we are: Leaders who work together in communities to inspire,

transform, connect and celebrate what’s possible. This campaign also motivates, engages, and inspires

current and prospective members, as well as donors, partners, and supporters.




People of Action campaign materials are available in the Rotary Brand Center at Materials are added periodically, both preformatted and create your own opportunities and include:

• Videos

• Print ads

• Outdoor ads

• Online ads

• Radio ads and scripts

• Social media graphics

• Campaign guidelines

• Campaign style guide and guidelines




We developed multiple People of Action ads in all Rotary languages. We also created templates that you

can customize with local images and content, if you prefer to use an ad that’s specific to your own Rotary

club and story.




As a Rotarian, you are also a Rotary brand ambassador. Help us tell the story of Rotary and how we are

people of action for communities around the globe. Here’s what you can do:

• Know where to go. Whether you’re creating ads or signs, or need to direct another Rotarian to help,

you will find what you need at the Brand Center. All the materials for the new ad campaign, as well as

other public image resources, will be there soon.

• Seek design and planning help, if needed. Organize a group of skilled Rotarians with marketing

experience to localize the materials for your community — or work with a local graphic designer or

agency. Just as important: develop a media plan to place the new public image ads online and in

traditional media, like newspapers, magazines, and billboards. Guidelines for creating media plans will be

posted on the Brand Center in late 2017.

• Encourage others to use the campaign materials. Once the campaign materials are posted at the

Brand Center, you can start by reading the campaign guidelines document for tips on making the best use

of People of Action.

• Share success stories. We want to hear your stories! Once you’ve used the materials locally, tell us

your story, and show us pictures, of how you used People of Action. We may feature it in internal global

promotions. Write to Global Communications staff at





Head to the Brand Center for campaign guidelines, tools, and materials which are constantly updated. Contact the RPIC team with campaign questions.